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    Tom Walker -

    Just You And I (produced)

    George Ogilvie -

    Dernier Appel - (produced / mixed / co written)

    Patricia Kaas -

    Madame Tout Le Monde - (produced / co written)

    George Oglivie -

    Foreign Hands - (produced / mixed / co written)

    Aura Dione

    Love Somebody - (produced / co written)

    Laurence Fox

    Rise again - (produced)

    Tiken Jah Fakoli

    Racine - Album (produced / mixed)

    Benjamin Clementine

    At Least For Now - Album (produced / mixed / co written)

    Benjamin Clementine

    Condolence - (produced / mixed)

    Jacob Banks

    Move With You - (produced)


    Broken - (produced)

    Tiken Jah Fakoly -

    Dernier Appel - (produced / co written)


    Peroni - La Dolce Vita Campaign

    Peroni - My Girl Campaign



    Winner of; The El Rey Award for excellence in Sci Fi - Barcelona 2014

    Luca Brena - Showreel


  • Biography.

    Dropping out of Architecture school to explore the vibrant Sheffield music scene, Jonathan quickly established himself as a session keyboard player and programmer. He featured on many of the records to come out of FON and other local studios. His first production was for Paris based Barclay artist Fred De Fred.
    Jonathan then began a production partnership with Kevin Bacon (the other one). From AXIS Studios, their Sheffield base, they developed, wrote and produced an album for Electra signed Ephriam Lewis, who tragically died soon after its release.
    Signing to R&S as MANNA, they put out two seminal electro albums before returning to production, most notably with Brit winning Maverick A Strike (Finley Quaye) and Grammy winning Fallen Is Babylon (Ziggy Marley).
    Despite their profile being at its zenith, a new London studio at RAK, A&R consultants to Island Records, no. 1 singles and a long list of high profile clients, Bacon and Quarmby saw more exciting opportunities elsewhere, and with Apple guru Denzyl Feigelson, set up innovative digital distributor AWAL. (Jonathan continued to moonlight in the studio, working on in house projects, ads and films).
    In 2012 AWAL was sold and by 2014 Jonathan was finally free to return to music creation.

    Still based out of RAK, he now divides his time between writing, producing and developing artists for RAK Records.

    Notable recent successes include co - writing and vocal production on 4 songs for James Arthur's 2016 no.1 album (incl second single). Producing and mixing Benjamin Clementine's album, At Least For Now, which was No. 1 in France and went on to win the Mercury Music prize 2015.

    Also co - writing the winning song for X factor France 2015.

    Recent discography includes:

    James Arthur VxP/W (Album/ Single)

    Benjamin Clementine - P/M (EP / Album/ Single)

    Tom Walker P/M (Single)

    Leo Stannard P/M (Single)

    Patricia Kaas W/P (Album / Single)

    Aura Dione W/P (Album/Single)

    George Oglivie W/P/M (2 singles)

    Thomas David W/P (Album)

    Laurence Fox - P (Album)

    Tiken Jah Fakoli - P/M (Album)

    Jacob Banks - W/P (Album - tracks / Single)

    Gabrielle Aplin - P/M (Album - track)

    Tiken Jah Fakoli - W/P/M (Album)

    Rhys Lewis P (tracks)

    Soom T - W/P/M (Album - track)

    Nicole Scherzinger - P (Samuel L Jackson charity single)

    Melissa Steele - P (Soundtrack / Album - tracks)

    Daley - P (Album - tracks)

    The Skints - P (EP)
    Natasha Beddingfield W/P
    Ben Taylor - P (Album)

    Kookie and the Bard - P (EP)

    Recent writing collaborations include:

    James Arthur

    Calum Scott

    Cathryn McGrath

    John Buckley

    Liza Owen


    Ethan Basden

    Joel Baker

    Aura Dione

    Daniel Merriweather

    Jodie Abacus

    Deborah Scarlett

    Leo Stannard

    Jordan Mackampa


    Brian Deadi

    Gabrielle Aplin


    Corey Sanders

    Rhys Lewis

    Jake Isaac

    Irit Dekel

    Mic Lowery

    Caitlin Scarlett

    Ady Suleman

    Natasha Beddingfield


    Beckie Power


    Laura White

    Declan Donavan

    Kimberley Henderson

    Ria Mae

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